Marcel Vogel and the Power of Healing Crystals

Marcel VogelDr. Marcel Vogel left us with many gifts as part of his legacy. As a senior scientist with IBM, he held many patents that are still valid in the world of technology today. Dr. Vogel, considered by many as the father of Quantum Physics, had a waking vision of the Tree of Life that lasted for more than thirty minutes. This vision led to a year of work in the laboratory cutting the first healing crystal of its kind.

Dr. Vogel said the houseplant changed his life. The study of plants led to groundbreaking laboratory studies on the effects of the energy of thought when combined with the energy of love. Scientists have now determined that our thoughts generate the equivalent of 20 watts of power. This confirms that we are all atomic generators that can send energy into the ethers, which can create the movement of energy across the Universe.

The life’s work of Dr. Vogel cumulated into scientific proof regarding the movement of energy, the effects on the human aura, the role of crystals in healing, remote healing energy, and the limitless power of the human mind. Marcel has a documented healing with a blind woman. After ten minutes of work with a crystal, the woman regained her vision.

The term ‘Vogel’ crystal is used very loosely in today’s market place, so most are imitations. Once you have held a true Vogel-Cut® crystal, you will know the power of these precision cut healing tools. The specific cuts of a Vogel-Cut® crystal, create a spiraling energy that can create the movement of small doses of natural radiation delivered to human body through heat, light and vibration. This delivery can be to yourself, to another person or across the globe.

Dr. Vogel developed a technique of using a release of pulse breath to clear and program each crystal that creates the movement of energy. This type of movement was tested on house plants using a line item spectrometer. Marcel was a spiritual scientist, who believed in the power of love and the ability of the human body to release negativity.

Some would argue that the only true Vogel-Cut® crystals would be those cut by Marcel Vogel himself or under his supervision. By using this criteria, people who cut with Marcel and those who may have trained with him using his crystal cutting technology are those that produce the true Vogel-Cut® crystals. Some cutters have developed their own unique cuts that maintain the philosophy and tradition started by Marcel Vogel.

By some standards, a true Vogel-Cut® crystal

  • has 4,6,8,10,12,16,24 and 32 facets or sides
  • should be cut on the C axis from natural clear quartz
  • should be double terminated
  • and the female end (receptive end) cut to 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds (which is the same angles as the pyramids of Giza)
  • male end must be faceted with a more acute angle than the female end.
  • must be cut by hand with intent, skill, and understanding of the crystal and of it’s intended use
  • must be cut to 454 HZ, the same vibration held by water.

A true Vogel-Cut® crystal takes years to master and there are only a few people in the world today that have mastered the art of cutting a Vogel-Cut® crystal.

The ideal material is clear natural quartz, preferably clear electronics grade quartz. This too is a challenge to procure the correct quartz. Most healing tools on the market are ‘Vogel style‘ crystals cut by machines with an inferior polish. The true craftsmen spend a good part of their time obtaining the material, followed by hours of cutting, polishing and infusing the tool for healing. For this reason, the true Vogel-Cut® crystals are not inexpensive. You can pay a few hundred dollars for a small crystal, or thousands for a unique tool that will stand for a millennium.

Much of the raw material used to cut Vogel crystals are hundreds of thousands or millions of years old. These ancient time keepers of the planet are asking each person to be a guardian of the planet. So owning a Vogel crystal® can be part of a sacred journey and responsibility that few can understand. For those who accept the responsibility, they rarely give up their Vogel’s, so there is not much of a used market.

Raw crystal moves energy too, but they hold the programming of the location where they were found. Few people know how to clear and reprogram the natural crystal. There is so much information around the care of the crystal. For example, submerging a crystal in water (especially salt water) for long periods may short out the crystal like it would a battery, depleting all the energy of the crystal. Leaving a crystal in the sun, may compromise the exterior lattice of the crystal, limiting the amount of light the crystal can move. A rinse in clean water and placed in the moonlight is optimum.

On a scale of one to ten, one being the least and ten the most, a natural crystal might move a level of energy on the scale of one or two. A Vogel-Cut® crystal would move a level 8, 9 or 10. This gives you some feel for the power of a true Vogel-Cut® crystal. People who hold one in their hands for the first time are amazed at the vibration felt through the crystal. Each person is actually chosen by the crystal to form a partnership in healing.

Once you start looking and comparing the inexpensive imitations to a true Vogel-Cut® crystal you will quickly recognize the difference by sight and feel. Owning a true Vogel healing device is an experience of a lifetime and should be treated with the greatest respect and be used with reverence and love. A Vogel-Cut® or any other crystal must never be used to harm anyone. They will break or disappear from the owner if this is attempted.

Crystals are transmitters, amplifiers, communication devices, mini-computers and storage devices, all provided by mother nature and handful of skilled cutters. They are also great investments of time and energy. You will never regret owning a Vogel-Cut® crystal or any of the other designs created by the master cutters of the world.