Rose Quartz Vogel-Design Star of David Pendant in 14k Gold - Small

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Stunningly beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Vogel-Design Star of David pendant set in 14K gold. This softly-colored healing crystal offers the gentle beauty of a dappled breeze and pure love vibrations - wear this “Love Stone” next to your heart!

At Crystal Light and Sound, we carry only true Vogel-Design Star of David quartz crystal pendants cut by Drew Tousley, the Vogel-design cut co-creator and renowned lapidary artist.

The Vogel-Design Star of David design combines the magical crystal healing properties of the ancient symbol with the unique properties of quartz crystal. The faceting of this unique crystal cut creates the six-sided star.  An energetic flow is established by placing an upright triangle on the face of the stone and an inverted triangle on the opposite side of the stone. 

In his life’s work with light, reflection and fraction, Marcel Vogel discovered the unique properties of quartz crystal as a vehicle for cohering and amplifying energies and intentions making this an amazing tool for clearing the auric field. Learn more about Marcel Vogel, Vogel-Cut(R) crystals and Vogel-design cut crystals.

Measures .75” high and 3/8" deep or a small-sized pendant.

With each healing crystal pendant from Crystal Light and Sound, you’ll receive:
- Signed authentication from the lapidary artist 
- Directions on how to clear and program your new healing crystal.

Rose Quartz is often referred to as the "Love Stone". With unconditional love as its energetic hallmark, rose quartz opens the heart chakra. Rose quartz may enhance every kind of love including self love, romantic or platonic love, family and friend love. It’s also considered useful in easing the process of dying by bringing in unconditional love of the Divine. Rose quartz can be used in dream work and recall. Physically, rose quartz is believed to the heart and circulatory system as well as lungs by lowering stress in the body in the area of the heart chakra.

Available in sizes small (.75”), medium (1”), large (1.25”) and extra large (1.5”) set in sterling silver, 14K or 18K gold.  Comes in clear quartz, smoky quartz, citrine and amethyst. Please inquire about other healing stones; if a particular stone is available, it can often be cut into a Vogel-Design.

This product was handcrafted in the USA.

Please Note: Chain not included. 

Sizing is approximate. As with all hand-made items, the final size may be a touch larger or smaller than as described. True lapidary artists will follow the natural structure of the crystal which may result in slightly different final sizing. 

While we take great care in photographing our crystal items, photographs don’t always accurately show the true color of a particular stone. The colors shown may be slightly deeper or lighter than presented. In most case, the colors and saturation are accurate.