Vogel Crystals

Marcel Vogel often stated “There is no such thing as miracles, only our ability to connect with nature.”

Named for IBM scientist/researcher Marcel Vogel, a Vogel-cut crystal is a natural quartz crystal intentionally cut per Vogel's instructions. Please be aware of imitation Vogel crystals. We invite you to compare the inexpensive imitations to a true Vogel crystal. Owning an authentic Vogel healing crystal is an experience of a lifetime.

We carry only the finest quality, authentically cut and designed Vogel crystals handcrafted with intention by master lapidary artists. We’re happy to help you learn about and select the Vogel crystal that supports your intentions and empowerment. 

We’re happy to help guide you in learning more about true Vogel-cut crystals, to help you select the healing tool that will support your intentions and empowerment. Contact us today to start your healing journey!