Amethyst Earth Heart Crowned with Morganite Trillion

Size: 1-3/8 Inches
Energetic Properties: Third Eye & Heart Chakras • Intuition • Peace • Protection • Calming • Unconditional Love • Balance in Relationships • Compassion • Positivity
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Amethyst Earth Heart™
Crowned with Morganite Trillion
Set in Sterling Silver

From the elegant line, Tools For Evolution Collection, a sparkling upper chakra activator with a softly-hued Amethyst and glimmering Morganite.

The Earth Heart is a four-fold geometry that signifies both harmony and stability, creating a peaceful refuge in alignment with the deep and pure "Heart of the Earth". The Earth Heart assists in revealing lessons in Oneness and facilitating all of humanity in achieving global consciousness.

The Pendant measures 1-1/8" in height and 5/8" in width. Set in 925 Sterling Silver and hangs from an 18" Sterling Silver chain. Handcrafted in the USA and comes nicely packaged in a black velvet box. Also includes clearing and programming directions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel.

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Connected to your Third Eye Chakra, Amethyst offers smooth and calming energy. Often used as a meditative healing crystal stone, it's believed that Amethyst works to enhance intuition and connection to your psychic powers. Amethyst promotes peace, happiness, and contentment and is an excellent protection stone against psychic attack, especially when used during spiritual work.

Morganite is a powerful Heart Chakra stone that brings forth unconditional love, compassion and healing energy. This stone is thought to promote equality in relationships.