Ametrine Crystal Wand with Rainbows - 108 Facets - 116 Grams


Size: 3 Inches • 116 Grams
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras • Abundance • Generosity • Happiness • Intuition • Meditation • Psychic Powers

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Ametrine with Rainbows
108 Facets - 116 Grams

Stunning natural Ametrine crystal, hand cut with 108 facets, each cut reflects into the sacred geometry of triangles and diamonds with stars highlighting the tip of each termination. Lots of rainbows sparkle within its inner landscape. The shape of this crystal creates an irresistible urge to hold it.  

This piece measures 3" in length, tapers from 1-1/2" in the middle to 1/2" at each one of the terminations, and weighs 116 grams or 580 carats.

Only in nature can you find such an amazing combination of elements like Amethyst and Citrine. Each one is a powerful healing crystal itself, but combined you can see and feel the power. Amethyst connects to our intuition and clears the upper chakras. Citrine, "The Success and Abundance" stone, aligns with your power chakra making this stone a must-have for anyone interested in working with crystals.

Rainbows in a crystal are the result of inclusions. They represent optimism, hope, and joy and remind us to see the beauty in everything, even the small and mundane. When you see a rainbow in a crystal, you’re looking into its past of shakes and cracks. These inclusions are usually caused by ground shifts, earthquakes, or even sudden extreme changes in temperatures.  

Rainbow inclusions are past traumas that have healed over time and resulted in a spectrum of beautiful colors. Much as we are wounded and heal over time to become even more beautiful, a crystal can share the same journey resulting in a rainbow bursting with color.