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Ametrine Hexagram Pocket Stone

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Color-filled, powerful pocket stone, this is a large Ametrine hexagram Star of David cut healing stone. The sacred geometry of this stone is perfect for laying on the body, holding in your palm or placing on your altar. A stunning piece of Ametrine with lots of clarity and rainbows. 

Ametrine merges two of Mother Nature’s finest elements, blending Amethyst and Citrine in one stone. Amethyst is a calming and meditative healing crystal stone that works to enhance your intuition and psychic powers.

It promotes peace, happiness and contentment and is an excellent protection stone against psychic attack, especially when used during spiritual work. Citrine is often called one of the “stones of success”. It can bring abundance to your life as you wear and work with it. Citrine also provides strong protection helping to clear your aura of negative emotions and helps to open the third chakra. 

The fusing of these two powerful elements combined with the sheer beauty of this piece makes this Ametrine Star of David Healing Stone a heart-filled gift for you or your beloved.

Measures 1.50" in width and .5" in depth. Comes with a velvet carrying case.

Image is of the actual stone.   

Please note:
Each crystal is carefully inspected for quality. We check each point and facet for chips and scratches, we clear old programming and polish it to perfection. We will not accept any returns with damage unless the packaging was severely damaged in shipping. Should that occur, please contact us immediately or do not accept the box.

Sizing is approximate. As with all hand-made items, the final size may be a touch larger or smaller than as described. True lapidary artists will follow the natural structure of the crystal which may result in slightly different final sizing. 

While we take great care in photographing our crystal items, photographs don’t always accurately show the true color of a particular stone. The colors shown may be slightly deeper or lighter than presented. In most case, the colors and saturation are accurate.