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Ametrine Quartz Sphere with 60 Facets, 1"-23g

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Mesmerizing natural Ametrine sphere hand cut with 60 facets. Perfect for a pocket stone, altar piece or meditation stone.  

Only in nature can you find such an amazing combination of elements as Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine is a natural combination of Amethyst and Citrine that carries and harmonizes the energy of both stones. 

Amethyst is a calming and meditative healing crystal stone that works to enhance intuition and psychic powers.  It promotes peace, happiness and contentment and is an excellent protection stone against psychic attack, especially when used during spiritual work. Amethyst connects to our intuition and clears the upper chakras. 

Citrine, "The Success and Abundance" stone, aligns with your power chakra makes this stone a must-have for anyone interested in working with crystals.

Measure 1" and comes with a velvet bag.

Please note: 

Sizing is approximate. As with all hand-made items, the final size may be a touch larger or smaller than described. True lapidary artists will follow the natural structure of the crystal which may result in slightly different final sizes.  

While we take great care in photographing our crystal items, photographs don’t always accurately show the true color of a particular stone. The colors shown may be slightly deeper or lighter than presented. In most case, the colors and saturation are accurate.