Angel II Pendant with Dichroic Glass by Luminary Studios

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Stunning and substantial Angel II healing crystal pendant cut with 16 facets from Luminary Studios and Drew Tousley. This is one of Drew's original top-of-the-line designs and is cut from water-clear quartz.  It is completely filled with light with color of the magenta palette from the dichroic glass skillfully laminated into the clear quartz . This is a miniature of the Angel II healing wand and can can be used as such. It has a wonderful smooth energy.

The crystal measures 2" in length, .75 in width and 5/8" in depth.  The beautiful double bail sterling silver setting with matte lines to add texture.  The size is ideal to hang on a long silver chain for both men and women.

Clear quartz can be a powerful universal energy channeler, amplifying, balancing and focusing thoughts and intentions. Very beneficial for healing, manifesting, meditation and channeling, it’s the highest gift of our Mother Earth. Will help to open mind and heart to receive guiding energies. Amplifies intentions and the energy as programmed. 

The dynamic hues of Dichroic Glass is thought to activate all the chakras of the wearer and opens the path towards the expanded universe that is beyond the body. It is also know for activating the Crown Chakra which assists to regulate thoughts and emotions. The colorful gaze into this clear glass helps one view into the future and helps to raise inner visions during meditation. It is also believed to stimulate the understanding, mind’s eye and intuition power.  

 From a scientific standpoint this is what we found on the web:

  • This glass is a layer of various bands of hues on its surface by applying the process of highly procedural vacuum deposition. 
  • The layer that gets produced is originally similar to that of gemstone and by controlling the thickness it may release various colorful tints. 
  • When the metal oxides and quartz are vaporized with the electron beam in the chamber of airless vacuum and the vapor then it floats up and get attached. After that, it gets condensed on the airfoil of the crystal structure that is ice in shape. 
  • The colors of this glass are not obtained using any type of coloring agent or dyestuffs but some of the times the parts of the colored glass are actually coated. 

This product was handcrafted in the USA.

Please Note: Chain not included. 

Each crystal is carefully inspected for quality.  We check each point and facet for chips and scratches, we clear old programming and polish it to perfection.  We will not accept any returns with damage unless the packaging was severely damaged in shipping.  Should that occur, please contact us immediately or do not accept the box.

Sizing is approximate. As with all hand-made items, the final size may be a touch larger or smaller than as described. True lapidary artists will follow the natural structure of the crystal which may result in slightly different final sizing. 

While we take great care in photographing our crystal items, photographs don’t always accurately show the true color of a particular stone. The colors shown may be slightly deeper or lighter than presented. In most case, the colors and saturation are accurate.