Aquamarine Gemstone Bowl, B-Note, Perfect Pitch 432 Hz, 8"


Size: 8 Inches, B-note
Energetic Properties: Throat & Crown Chakras, Communication, Peace, Flow, Higher Self
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Aquamarine Gemstone Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl
8" 432hz Perfect Pitch B-Note 

This beautiful and serene Aquamarine Crystal Singing Bowl creates waves of calming bliss through a fusion of pure Aquamarine Gemstone and Clear Quartz Crystal. This Empyrean bowl has a smooth finely polished surface eliminating the noise produced by the striker especially when a silicone-coated striker is used.  

Aquamarine aligns with the Throat Chakra and is considered an ideal stone for clearing and activating the fifth chakra. Aquamarine promotes communication, peace, and courage. In Latin, Aquamarine is known as aqua marina or "water of the sea", owing to its color that can vary widely, like the many colors of the ocean. The subtle pale blue of this stone is a gleaming beacon of calm radiant energy.

The B-Note aligns with the Crown Chakra and assists with connection to the Divine and one's higher self.

A suede bowl striker and rubber o-ring are included. Comes packed in a sturdy styrofoam box. We carry cases and strikers as well. Please see our current inventory here.

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Bowl Specifications:
B-Note infused with Aquamarine
8 Inches
Perfect Pitch
432 Hz


With your purchase and to amplify the healing vibes of this bowl, you'll also receive:
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Size & Note:
8 Inches, B-note
Throat & Crown Chakras, Communication, Peace, Flow, Higher Self