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Authentic Vogel Crystal Wand - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY

See pricing below and call Beckie to order at 512-999-8478

Size: Varies
Clear Quartz Energetic Properties: All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition
Intentionally Handcrafted in USA

Authentic Vogel Crystal Wand
By Special Order

Special Order Only: Exquisite quality, expertly and intentionally cut and beautifully polished. All our Authentic Vogel Crystal Wands are handcrafted by the master lapidary at Kings Crystals. 

Each Vogel Crystal Wand is shaped according to Marcel Vogel's prescribed measurements, designed to deliver crystal energy that's smooth yet powerful. Learn about what makes an Authentic Vogel Crystal.

Your custom-crafted Vogel Wands will be cut from optically clear and rare Lemurian Clear Quartz. There's only one mine in the world that produces this fine quality Lemurian raw material.

Clear Quartz Crystal is considered the "universal healing stone" that can link to the energy of all chakras helping to amplify, purify and program your intentions. A universal energy channeler, Clear Quartz balances and focuses thoughts and intentions. It's beneficial for healing, manifesting, meditation and channeling and can help open your mind and heart to receive guiding energies.

Crafted to your specifications, including:
Facets (6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16)
Length (starting at 4 inches)

**No discounts apply to special orders.

Includes a protective carrying case sized to fit your custom Vogel Crystal Wand and instructions on how to use Marcel Vogel's "Forced Breath" method of clearing and charging your crystal.

With your purchase of this Crystal Wand Generator, you'll receive FREE access to
3.1 Crystal Therapy Online Training Module
Offered by the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts
• Includes 34 lessons and 12 tutorial videos
• Detailed information on how to use your crystal wand in various healing energy practices
• Certifications available with completed internships
• A focus on Dr. Marcel Vogel and his methods of using fine-cut crystals as energy healing devices.
You'll receive the link via email after your purchase. 

Photos and video are representational. Handcrafted in the USA.