Awakening Crystal Light Bed

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This is the original model that's been tested with successful results on thousands of clients. Prepare yourself for a psychedelic journey through the non-physical dimensions with a natural organic process facilitated by the Awakening Crystal Light Bed.

On the horizon emerges the use of energy as medicine to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

We have doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, medical specialists, psychologists, and other professionals booking their time on the crystal bed then recommending the treatment for their clients and patients. Why? Because this type of energy treatment compliments other traditional methods used for healing. Every crystal bed is customized to fit your intentions, for your clients and/or for yourself. 

"I have had PTSD since childhood. I have had many light table sessions with Russell, and I am always uplifted by my time with him. However, this year I needed to get off my seizure medication after almost 20 years. I had no clue that the drug was masking the PTSD all of this time. Russell's crystal bed completely removed the PTSD from me so that I could be start withdrawing from the drug without psychological trauma. I am completely amazed and grateful to Russell for his wisdom and compassionate care." D.F., TX

Each Awakening Crystal Light Bed comes equipped with: 

• Deluxe Crystal Bed Massage Table 
Infused with your intentions in your choice of colors. Includes pillow and bolster 

• Chromotherapy Device
Includes pre-programmed lighting controller, cables, multi-strip outlet, and universal stand to fit most massage tables

• One Custom-Designed Crystal Bed Wand* 
"The Trinity" is our custom-designed crystal wand developed to cohere healing energy for all Custom Crystal Beds

• Copper Wand Holder 
Mounting bracket will custom fit each crystal wand; designed to amplify the flow of energy

• Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls Set
Includes 7-bowl Chakra Set tuned to 432HZ 

• Gold Plated Neodymium Therapy Magnets 
Installed directly onto the top of the Awakening Crystal Light Bed 

• 3 Recorded Crystal Bed Meditations 
Timed recordings for use with the Crystal Bed lighting device for hands free use by the practitioner.

• Free Lifetime Access to the IEL Institute Online Training Program 

Customizations may include:

• Additional Crystal Wands
Can be custom cut to your intentions. Prices vary. Requires additional Custom Wand Holder ($99)

• Custom Gemstone Infused Crystal Bowls, Alchemy Crystal Bowls or other types of singing bowls (please call to discuss)

 • Magnetic Pad with Neodymium magnets
Can be used in place of installed magnets

•Crystal Bed Therapy Recordings-A 13-Part Meditation Package
Allows you to operate the crystal light bed without owning or playing a crystal bowl set. Perfect for home use, hands-free operation to use with other modalities, and spas

Contact us today for a quote. Discounts available for multiple table purchases.

*Please Note: Most people budget for an extra wand in case the original is misplaced, broken, unable to clear the energy from the last client, or the use of two crystals is preferred. It’s always good to have a backup and a wand that can be used to directly target an imbalance.   

**Does not include crystal bowl stands since all spaces have different requirements.

 Sales Tax is applied to Texas sales only.    Shipping cost will be calculated based on location.    Pick up in Austin, Texas is available.