Awakening Crystal Light Bed

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This is the original model that's been tested with successful results on thousands of clients. Prepare yourself for a psychedelic journey through the non-physical dimensions with a natural organic process facilitated by the Awakening model

On the horizon emerges the use of energy as medicine to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. We have doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, medical specialists, psychologists, and other professionals booking their time on the crystal bed then recommending the treatment for their clients and patients. Why? Because this type of energy treatment compliments other traditional methods used for healing. This base model continues to improve over time and every client gets their crystal bed customized to fit their intentions. 

Each Awakening model comes with
• a custom massage table infused with your intentions and a built-in portal to another dimension
• one 7-Bowl Chakra Set of 432HZ Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls
• one fine-cut crystal wand with custom fit mounting bracket
• one chromotherapy device (includes pre-programmed lighting controller, full spectrum light, one circuit protected plug strip, and cords)
• gold therapy magnets
• free access to an online training certification program.
You'll also receive recorded meditations for hands-free operation if the sound of crystal singing bowl are not appropriate for the environment or you prefer to create a variety of treatment options.
Please Note: Does not include crystal bowl stands since all spaces have different requirements.

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"This FCLT is powering ahead and I am blown away at the results it is achieving and what it is capable of achieving. I am really discovering that the table has the capacity to expedite and enhance the release of cellular memory….way faster than any other tool I have used before." 


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