Blue Kyanite Gemstone Bowl, 9" A-Note, Perfect Pitch, 432 Hz


Size: 9-Inch A-Note
Energetic Properties: Throat , Third Eye, & Crown Chakras • Intuition • Meditation • Soothing • Balance
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Blue Kyanite Gemstone
Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl
9" A-Note 432 Hz
Perfect Pitch

This exquisite Blue Kyanite Crystal Singing Bowl brings calm, peace and balance through a fusion of pure Blue Kyanite Gemstone and Clear Quartz Crystal. 

Blue Kyanite is a high vibe stone and a wonderful stone for communication both worldly and other-worldly.

The A-Note aligns with the 6th or Minds Eye Chakra. The combination of this A-note bowl with Kyanite gemstone creates opportunities for opening to your intuition, enhance meditation and speaking words of love and wisdom. 

This Empyrean bowl has a smooth finely polished surface that greatly reduces the sound produced by the striker. Suede bowl striker and rubber o-ring are included. Comes packed in a sturdy styrofoam box. We carry cases and strikers as well. Please see our current inventory here.

A-Note infused with Blue Kyanite
9 Inches
Perfect Pitch 432 Hz

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Size & Note:
9-Inch A-Note
Energetic Properties:
Throat , Third Eye, & Crown Chakras • Intuition • Meditation • Soothing • Balance