Blue Topaz Trillion Crowned with White Topaz Trillion

Size: 1 x 1/2 x 1/4 Inches
Energetic Properties: Throat Chakra • Communication • Manifestation • Speak Your Truth • Crown Chakra • Manifestation • Connection to Divine • Clarify Intentions
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Blue Topaz Trillion
Crowned with White Topaz
Set in Sterling Silver

An array of sparkling hues of blue recall a many-colored sea in this Blue Topaz Trillion crowned with a White Topaz Trillion. A special pendant from the Tools for Evolution Collection.

The pendant measures 1" long, 1/2" wide x 1/4" deep and is presented in a Sterling Silver basket setting. Packaged in a black velvet gift box. Includes an 18" Sterling Silver chain and clearing and programming instructions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel.

Blue Topaz aligns with the Throat Chakra and is a stone of manifestation. It aids in the search for truth and can help you communicate your desires more effectively.

Also a stone of manifestation, White Topaz helps your connect with the cosmic flow and manifest your highest good. It can aid in clarifying your intentions and thought process. Associated with the Crown Chakra.

We recommend Marcel Vogel's "Forced Breath" method of clearing and programming healing crystals. In his life’s work with light, reflection and refraction, Marcel Vogel discovered the unique properties of Quartz Crystal as a vehicle for cohering and amplifying energies and intentions.