Brazilian Clear Quartz Sphere with Liquid Inclusion

Size: 1/2 Inch Wide & High • 4-1/2 Grams
Energetic Properties: All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition
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Natural Brazilian Clear Quartz Sphere
With Fluid Inclusion and Rainbows
Set in 925 Sterling Silver

Mystical Natural Brazilian Quartz Sphere artistically set in a heart theme of 925 Sterling Silver. This petite beauty contains a fluid inclusion or bubble. It's very difficult to see without a magnifying glass or jeweler's loop but once you've found it, it's magical.  

This liquid inclusion is captured during the growth process of the crystal. Amazing fact: The water in the fluid inclusion is commonly the water that was trapped when the crystal grew. Some scientists have examples of fluid inclusion dating from the early Precambrian. These Precambrian fluid inclusions may hold water that is over three billion years old! Fascinating!

In addition to the liquid inclusion, this small sphere contains rainbows created by the "fractures" that occur during the growth process. Rainbows are another gift of nature.

This petite pendant measures 1/2" round with total weight of approximately 4-1/2 grams. Includes a Sterling Silver box chain of your choice and crystal clearing and charging instructions as directed by Marcel Vogel.

The sphere is the ancient and universal symbol of wholeness, completeness, oneness, and the honor of cyclical energies. Sending high-frequency energetic vibes in every direction, the polished surface helps to clarify intuitively received information and communication.

Clear Quartz Crystal is considered the "universal healing stone" that can link to the energy of all chakras helping to amplify, purify and program your intentions. A universal energy channeler, Clear Quartz balances and focuses thoughts and intentions. It's very beneficial for energy healing, manifesting, meditation and channeling. It can help to open our minds and hearts to receive guiding energies while amplifhing intentions and the energy as programmed.  

Rainbows in a crystal are the result of inclusions. They represent optimism, hope and joy and remind us to see the beauty in everything, even the small and mundane. When you see a rainbow in a crystal, you're looking into its past of shakes and cracks. These inclusions are usually caused by ground shifts, earthquakes or even sudden extreme temperature changes. 

Rainbow inclusions are past traumas that have healed over time and resulted in a spectrum of beautiful colors. Much as we are wounded and heal over time to become even more beautiful, a crystal can share the same journey resulting in a rainbow bursting with color.

Silver radiates the energy of the Moon and is known to enhance its powers, especially during the full and new moon. As the metal of emotional energies, silver aligns with the yin and the Divine Feminine. Silver cools, calms, and soothes as it vibrates to the Divine Feminine within each of us. Like the moon reflects the sun’s light, silver’s reflectivity helps to reflect negativity from those who wear it.


1/2 Inch • 4-1/2 Grams
Energetic Properties:
All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition