Brazilian Clear Quartz Wand by Lawrence Stoller (373g)

Size: 6 Inches • 373 Grams
Energetic Properties: All Chakras • Healing • Alignment • Balance
Hand-Sculpted with Intention
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From Our Lawrence Stoller Collection
Extra Large Brazilian Clear Quartz Wand Generator

Stellar Brazilian Clear Quartz with subtle champagne color, meticulously handcrafted by Lawrence Stoller from Bend, Oregon. This beautiful wand is double-terminated with 6 facets cut in the distinctive Stoller style. It contains a few wispy veils mimicking tiny universes to exhibit its natural growth process.

The size and shape of the natural crystals are protected and honored by the craftsmanship of Lawrence Stoller. Communication is established with each crystal before the carving begins.  Each crystal is absolutely one of a kind.  Without exception, the best polish in the world comes from Lawrence Stoller and Crystalworks.  

 "There is a substance to beauty that can move us in ways for which distance has no meaning. Then beauty is magical. Any crystal can transport us. And beauty is one of its methods."
~Lawrence Stoller

Masterfully crafted in the USA.

This large piece measures 6" long, tapers from 2-1/4" to 1" wide, and weighs 373 grams (1865 carats). Custom carrying case included for protection. 

Brazilian Clear Quartz is known to have a very high piezoelectric quality making it perfect for crystal energy work. Clear Quartz is the master healing stone, containing all colors and vibrations aligning and balancing all chakras and a perfect stone to clear blocks and bring the human body back to full balance. 


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Images are of actual product. Handcrafted in the USA.