Bronze Antique Naga Pedestal Himalayan Singing Bowl, 5.75" ~ F#-B

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Antique Naga Bronze Singing Bowl
With Striker
F#- B

This antique Naga Pedestal Singing Bowl ranges from 50-70 years in age. It's defined by its welded base. These bowls are also considered Chalice bowls or Stem bowls.

Bronze Singing Bowls are effective in sound healing as you can easily suspend one over the body or encircle your client's or friend's head as you play the bowl. Used during a concert, the stem allows you to swing the bowl from side to side, creating a sort of Doppler effect with the sound vibrations. This little bowl is very versatile.

This Naga Bronze Bowl's singing notes include:

• Fundamental Note is F# (when struck like a gong)
F# is associated with the High Heart Chakra

• B is the overtone note (when the bowl is played along the rim)
B-note is associated with the Crown Chakra
Bowl Dimensions
Size: 5.75"" in diameter by 3.75" in high
Weight: averages 1 lb, 8 oz 
Rim Thickness: Averages 3.7 mm 

Includes a suede striker.

Image and video are of the actual bowl.