CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil Organically Grown

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Gold Standard CBD Hemp Full Spectrum Flower Oil* now available at Crystal Light and Sound. 

30ml Glass Bottle with graduated dropper. $90

The manufacturer hand harvests only the flowering buds of the organically grown hemp plant to extract the CBD and other Cannabinoids.  No mechanical harvesting equipment is used so the material is clean and free of dirt, stems, seeds and other weeds.  This method of only using the flowering buds (no aerial parts) provides a complete full spectrum undiluted 66% of CBD and 34% of 104 other Cannabinoids. These other Cannabinoids are important to provide a person with the only true full spectrum CBD oil for their body.  

The manufacturing facility is currently meeting/exceeding all FDA requirements and are currently awaiting full FDA approval.  

Active Ingredients: Activated Full Spectrum Hemp Oil CBD Concentrate

Other ingredients: Chain Triglyceride (MCT oil)

Save for humans and pets!  


Start with a lover dose of 1/2 dropper (.5ml).  Continue to increase dose if needed to achieve optimal benefit.  

For maximum absorption, hold under tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

For pets, start with 3 drops every 8 hours on a treat.

Contains 4 Cannabinoids:

CBD- Cannabidiol

CBC- Cannabichromene

CBN- Cannabinal

CBG- Cannabigerol

Health benefits that you may experience:

CBD, CBC, CBN-May reduce or eliminate pain

CBD, CBG, CBC- May inhibit cell growth and cancer growth

CBD, CBN- May assist with anti-inflammation

CBD- May assist with Immune suppression (Lupus & Rheumatoid Arthritis), may reduce spasms and seizures and assist with Diabetes

CBD- May reduce risk of heart blockage and may increase cerebral blood flow

CBD-CBG May slow or kill bacterial growth

CBG- may assist in fighting fungal infections, reduce blood sugar levels and may assist with psoriasis

CBN- may assist with sleeping disorders

CBD- May assist in tranquilizing and relieving anxiety

CBD- may assist in reducing contractions in small intestines

CBD,CBG & CBC- May promote bone health

CBD, CBN may assist in suppressing muscle spasms

CBD- May assist (insomnia especially in women) migraines, low libido, mood irregularities, hot flashes, painful sex after menopause, vaginal dryness, joint pain, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

CBD- May assist with elevation of collagen production and diminishing wrinkles, may work as an anti-oxidant, may help in protecting skin from free radicals, amy assist in regulating oil production, providing smoother skin and may influence the cell life cycle and enhance it.

These are only SOME of the potential benefits.

We recommend that you do your own research on CBD.   But, be aware that not all CBD Oils are created equal.  Many (most) companies highly dilute their products resulting in an oil that tastes bad or like oil or dirt.  Most companies do not hand harvest resulting in a dirty product. 

Crystal Light and Sound stands proud to sell this Gold Standard CDB oil.  You can taste and feel the difference.  Give it a try today.

*Test Certificate provided by ProVerde Laboratories upon request