Cultured Citrine Bracelet with 19 Beads of 128 Facets Each


Size: Fits 6-7" Wrist
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus • Abundance • Happiness • Generosity • Goodwill

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A finely-faceted Cultured Citrine Crystal Bracelet includes 19 round 10mm beads of richly-colored cultured Citrine. The 19 beads, each with 128 facets, sparkle and shine under the light, magically adorning any arm with these shimmering crystals.

Fits 6-7" wrist.

Citrine radiates the bright energy of "solidified sunshine". It's thought to be a stone of manifestation, abundance, and happiness. It's also a happy and generous stone that amplifies sharing and goodwill. It's believed that Citrine holds no negative energy, therefore requires no clearing as does other Quartz Crystal. With a focus on the Solar Plexus, Citrine will energize and recharge your entire chakra system.


Fits 6-7" Wrist
Solar Plexus, Abundance, Happiness, Generosity, Goodwill