Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Case Small Black

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Small black Singing Bowl Padded Case. 

Pictured is a beautiful crystal singing bowl case with a removable patch on the side for your logo or name patch. It is made from black nylon and is a heavy duty case. This marvelous case is used to store or transport your crystal singing bowl with confidence. This particular case is appropriate for any crystal bowl between 5 and 8 inches wide (also fits Tibetan Bowls). The case includes a storage sleeve in the lid for your black rubber ring and a storage sleeve on the outside for your suede striker.

This case is perfect for storing or traveling with your crystal cinging bowls. It will keep them safe and secure.

Case Measurements:

Outside: 11" x 9"

Inside, without inserts: 10.75" x 7"

Inside, with 2 inserts: 8.75" x 7"