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Crystal Wands Custom Cut by Lawrence Stoller

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Have you ever wished that you could have a crystal cut just for you?  Lawrence is just the lapidary to do this for you.  He will cut a crystal based on your intentions for it's purpose combined with the sized stone that is perfect for you.

From Lawrence Stoller:

“Before cutting I make sure that I have the crystal’s permission to change its form (after millions of years). This respects its individual nature.  Forcing a crystal into a shape can be hard on the cutter as well as the stone. Thus, crystal cutting should be approached with an integrated knowledge of crystalline geometry combined with a sense of being guided and attuned to the dynamism of the individual gem. 

We work together as the hard diamond grinding tools and polishing process transform the ancient crystal body into pristine frozen light.  If it is respected in the cutting process, the finished crystal will awaken, to become a wonderful friend and ally.  From this relationship other dimensions can open. 

In the end, what is most important in choosing a crystal wand is how does the crystal feel to you: Is it happy? Does it sing, do you resonated with it?  If in the cutting process the crystal is respected by precise adherence to the cutting of its angles and polish, and if the form of the crystal is aligned with its nature, then you have a wonderfully tuned instrument, an activated crystal. Cared for, respected, and used as an instrument to enhance the quality of one’s life, such a crystal can be a lifelong tool, companion and friend.”  

Contact us today to have the perfect crystal designed for you.