Cultured Citrine Bracelet with 19 Beads of 128 Facets

Size: Fits 6-7" Wrist
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus • Abundance • Happiness • Generosity • Goodwill
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A finely-faceted Cultured Citrine Crystal Bracelet includes 19 round 10mm beads of richly-colored cultured Citrine. The 19 beads, each with 128 facets, sparkle and shine under the light, magically adorning any arm with these shimmering crystals.

Fits 6-7" wrist.

Citrine radiates the bright energy of "solidified sunshine". It's thought to be a stone of manifestation, abundance, and happiness. It's also a happy and generous stone that amplifies sharing and goodwill. It's believed that Citrine holds no negative energy, therefore requires no clearing as does other Quartz Crystal. With a focus on the Solar Plexus, Citrine will energize and recharge your entire chakra system.

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At Crystal Light and Sound we recommend Marcel Vogel's "Forced Breath" method of clearing and programming your crystal. With each pendant, you'll receive instructions on how to clear and program your crystal using this method.