Deluxe Alchemy Crystal Light Bed

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The "Deluxe Alchemy" Crystal Bed is our top of the line crystal bed.  A unique combination of ancient and modern healing modalities built into a product to create an energy tool and an experience unlike any other.  It incorporates crystal therapy, sound vibration therapy, chromo therapy and magnetic therapy.  Each crystal bed is totally customized to the intentions and desires of the new owner.   

There are many options of stones that can be infused into each bowl based on desire and intention.  There are also many options of colors for the table and each crystal is tested for compatibility to the table for effectiveness. 

Base Price starts at $15,995 and includes custom table with bolster, carrying case and head rest, programmed lighting controller, light and stand, double copper crystal holder, two fine-cut crystal wands, gold magnets, 7 bowl set of Alchemy bowls tuned to 432hz with basic level stones infused, sound therapy recordings timed to lights on the table for hands free use and complete IEL Institute Resource guide and membership to the IEL Institute online training programs with over 170 tutorial videos and training modules.

Additions may include an upgrade on the stones to be infused into the Alchemy bowls, addition of five Endocrine bowls (#'s) or bowl carrying cases.

Sales Tax is applied to Texas sales only.  Shipping cost will be calculated based on location.  Pick up in Austin, Texas is available.

Contact us today for a quote.  Discounts for multiple table purchases.

"This FCLT is powering ahead and I am blown away at the results it is achieving and what it is capable of achieving. I am really discovering that the table has the capacity to expedite and enhance the release of cellular memory….way faster than any other tool I have used before."