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Fluorite Essential Oil Bottle 1-5/8"


One-of-a-Kind ❈
Size: 1-5/8" x 7/8 Inch • Weighs 20 Grams
Energetic Properties: Third Eye Chakras • Intuition • Meditation • Psychic Powers • Peace • Protection • Calming

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Beautiful Hand-carved
Fluorite Essential Oil Bottle

This colorful Fluorite bottle is perfect for your favorite essential oil. It can be carried or worn as the metal screw in cap has a hole for threading a chain or cord. Each bottle is hand-carved and one-of-a-kind.  

Fluorite is known as the "Genius Stone" as it represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting aptitude and discernment, the absorption of new information, and helping you work through complex issues.  

Add your favorite essential oil and make this a perfect gift to yourself or someone you love. 

Measures 1-5/8" high x 7/8" wide x 7/16" deep and weighs 20 grams.


1-5/8 x 7/8 Inch • Weighs 20 Grams