Himalayan Singing Bowl Set (6.75" - 9.75") 3rd Octave C-B


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(Please play video to hear a sound file of the entire bowl set)
Himalayan Singing Bowls 7-Note Set
6.75-9.75" 3rd Octave C-B Notes 
Bowl Weight: 790 to 1855 Grams

Each bowl of this phenomenal Singing Bowl Set was selected by ear, creating an ideal melody using each note of the Major scale. Also known as relating each bowl to each chakra, this arrangement provides the ability to harmonize or recreate a wide variety of moods, tones, and melodies. An added bonus: A rare Lingam Style E Bowl. 

Seven Bowl Set Includes

9.5" G/C Note Himalayan Singing Bowl 
Strike Note: C   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 131 Hz
Overtone Note: G   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 383 Hz 
Weight: 1700 grams (60 oz)  Rim Thickness: 4.7 mm (0.19")

9.25" D/A Note Himalayan Singing Bowl  
Strike Note: D   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 145 Hz  
Overtone Note: A   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 429 Hz
Weight: 1452 grams (51 oz)   Rim Thickness: 4.9 mm (0.2")

9.75" E/B Note Lingam Style Himalayan Singing bowl  
Strike Note: E   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 166 Hz  
Overtone Note: B   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 488 Hz 
Weight: 1855 grams (65 oz)   Rim Thickness: 4.1 mm (0.16")

7.25" F/B Note Etched Himalayan Singing Bowl
Strike Note: F   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 178 Hz  
Overtone Note: B   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 505 Hz 
Weight: 834 grams (30 oz) Rim Thickness: 2.7 mm (0.10")

6.75" G/C# Note Himalayan Singing Bowl
Strike Note: G   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 200 Hz 
Overtone Note: C#   Note Octave: 5   Note Frequency: 557 Hz 
Weight: 948 grams (33 oz)   Rim Thickness: 3.3 mm (0.13")

6.75" A/D# Note Himalayan Singing Bowl
Strike Note: A   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 221 Hz  
Overtone Note: D#   Note Octave: 5   Note Frequency: 629 Hz
Weight: 824 grams (30 oz)   Rim Thickness: 3.7 mm (0.15")

7" B/F Note Himalayan Singing Bowl
Strike Note: B   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 245 Hz  
Overtone Note: F   Note Octave: 5   Note Frequency: 694 Hz
Weight: 790 grams (28 oz)   Rim Thickness: 3.2 mm (0.16")

The video sound sample and pictures are of the actual bowls.

Each bowl includes its own pillow and appropriate strikers: Bowls 7" and larger include a white felt mallet and large suede-wrapped striker. Bowls 6.75" and smaller include a medium dual wood/suede striker.

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