"Mountain Top Medicine Wheel" Chakra Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls (download)

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This healing chakra meditation contains a 5-minute spoken mediation by Russell Forsyth. This chakra meditation takes you on a journey to the Mountain Top Medicine Wheel for healing and is combined with the tones of Russell's classic frosted crystal singing bowls then ends with a closing meditation. Relax and journey to top of the mountain for a energy tune-up lasting 42 minutes. This meditation download is for use by practitioners and for personal use as a tool to clear, charge and balance the energy centers known as Chakras.

Each note in the Chakra set of bowls (C-root, D-sacral, E-solar plexis, F-heart, G-throat, A-mind's eye, B-crown) is played for five minutes. This recording is timed for use with the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. (download)