Natural Citrine Pendulum wrapped in 990 Silver


Size: 3 x 5/8 Inches
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus • Abundance • Happiness • Generosity • Goodwill

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Natural Brazilian Citrine Pendulum
Wrapped in 990 Silver

Beautiful pale, natural Brazilian Citrine Crystal Pendulum is wrapped in 990 Silver and hangs from a 7" silver chain adorned by one citrine bead and one silver bead. 

The stone is 2" in length and 3" with setting. 

Citrine holds a bright and light energy. Drawing abundance and opening us to generosity. Aligns with the 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus. As a manifestation stone, Citrine is an ideal choice for dowsing with a pendulum.

Silver enhances & stimulates your psychic awareness and abilities while it intensifies the energies surrounding love, compassion, patience, and nurturing. Paired with a healing crystal, silver enhances the connection between you and the stone, smoothing the flow of energy between you and your healing crystal.

Dowsing using a pendulum is an ancient form of channeling. The act of dowsing can bring your mind to an alpha state and sharpen your focus as a way to easily connect with spirit in order to attain information. A pendulum works with vibrations and movement of energy which is why dowsing tools have been used for centuries to find water below the surface. Pendulums can be a valuable tool in gaining insights into the mysteries of life.

This  pendulum comes nicely packaged in a velvet bag along with information and directions on clearing, programming and using the pendulum as a dowsing tool.