New Size! Vogel-Inspired Crystal Wand in Clear Quartz, 6 Facets - 90+ Grams

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Size Approx. 4-1/4 Inches • 90+ Grams
Energetic Properties All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition
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Crystal Wand Generator in Clear Quartz
Double-Terminated with Six Facets
4+ Inches (90+Grams)

Beautifu water-clear Brazilian Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Wand. These wands are cut to proper measurements, along the c-axis from quality natural material as prescribed by Dr. Vogel and others.

While some wands are 100% clear, most display small veils or phantoms which are a natural part of the growth process of quartz crystals. These occurences don't affect the flow of energy in any way. The vortex of the crystal will always remain clear. 

This superb healing crystal is the perfect form for the smooth delivery of crystal energy. Excellent starter crystal for the beginner or anyone who'd like to have a constant companion as it fits nicely in a pocket, purse or backpack.

What do we mean by "Vogel-inspired"? This double-terminated crystal is cut with precision using natural quartz but was not cut by one of the few authentic Vogel lapidaries remaining who practice Marcel Vogel's directions. The cut and polish are excellent and the energy of the crystal is superb.  

Clear Quartz can be a powerful universal energy channeler, amplifying, balancing and focusing your thoughts and intentions. Very beneficial for healing, manifesting, meditation and channeling, it’s the highest gift of our Mother Earth. Clear Quartz can help to open your mind and heart to receive guiding energies as it amplifies intentions and the energy as programmed. 

Measures approximately 4' to 4-1/4" in length and 1-1/4" wide tapering to 3/4". Each crystal will vary slightly in width and length as they are all hand cut and size is determined by the particular piece of raw material. Fits perfectly in your hand for use on yourself or your clients.

Handcrafted custom carrying case included (a $15 value).

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With each healing crystal wand from Crystal Light and Sound, you’ll receive detailed directions on how to clear and program your new healing crystal using the Marcel Vogel "Forced Breath" Method


With your purchase of this Crystal Wand Generator, you'll receive FREE access to
3.1 Crystal Therapy Online Training Module
Offered by the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts
• Includes 34 lessons and 12 tutorial videos
• Detailed information on how to use your crystal wand in various healing energy practices
• Certifications available with completed internships
• A focus on Dr. Marcel Vogel and his methods of using fine-cut crystals as energy healing devices.
You’ll receive the link to the courses in your Order Confirmation email. 

Images are a representation of the crystal you will receive. Each one is unique but within the stated measurements. While some are totally clear most contain some small signs of the natural growth process, none of which are in the vortex of the crystal, and will not affect the flow of energy.

Comes with a protective carrying case.