"Plenary Ascension" Himalayan Singing Bowl Set

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"Plenary Ascension"
Himalayan Singing Bowls
7.75" • 9.75" •  13"

An exceptional set of Himalayan Singing Bowls for healing and pure, deep enjoyment. Handcrafted and carefully selected, this 3-note set includes 3 large, low-tone bowls that produce a rich and uplifting harmonic chord including a wonderful octave harmony.  Truly delightful!

Himalayan Singing Bowls are used professionally in the many fields of relaxation, music therapy, energy medicine, meditation, massage, spa, sound therapy and more.


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Set includes striker and pillows and:
1 ~ 7.75" G/D Note 
Strike note: G  Note Octave: 3  Note Frequency: 199hz
Overtone note: D  Note Octave: 5  Note Frequency: 574hz
Weight: 1,090 grams  (2.4 pounds)
Rim Thickness: 2.9m

2 ~ 9.75" Etched Buddha C/F# Note  (Covered in Etchings, this bowl features a golden highlighted Buddha figure on the interior of the bowl.)
Strike note: C  Note Octave: 3 Note Frequency: 134hz
Overtone note: F#  Note Octave: 4  Note Frequency: 380hz
Weight: 1,730 grams (3.8 pounds)
Rim Thickness: 3.6m

3 ~ 13" G/D Note 
Strike note: G  Note Octave: 2 Note Frequency: 98hz
Overtone note: D  Note Octave: 3  Note Frequency: 293hz
Weight: 3,236 grams (7.1 pounds)
Rim Thickness: 6.1m


3 Bowls: 7-3/4 • 9-3/4 •  13 Inches