Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl 432hz, E-Note 12"

12 Inches Diameter
Solar Plexus • Energy • Power • Vitality • Confidence • Charisma • Strong Will • Humor • Leadership • Mental Clarity
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Premium Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl
Perfect Pitch 432hz
E-Note 12"

We sell only the finest premium Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Created using a revolutionary new manufacturing technique that makes for a much smoother frosted singing bowl, these premium bowls emit less playing noise so you hear more of the bowl's songs and less of the rub of the stricker.

These luminous, beautiful frosted quartz crystal singing bowls emit a pure, expansive sound which resonates within the body to bring balance and harmony. Rounded, pure white and light-filled, these singing bowls produce full, smooth tones that blend with powerful universal harmonies. 

E-note singing bowls resonate with the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra, the body's power center as well as the color yellow. The E-note bowls are used for all intuitive and psychic work and purification of negative emotions.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of pure thought and unconditional love. It connects the lower chakras (body-centered chakras) to the upper chakras (which are mind-spirit-centered). As this chakra center begins to activate, all need for manipulation or control of one’s reality is transmuted. An inner sense of safety is experienced. Also know as the center of self-esteem, the Solar Plexus is considered the seat of the ego and personal power. Related body areas include the stomach and liver. 

Associated 3rd chakra words: Energy, power, vitality, confidence, charisma, strong will, humor, leadership, mental clarity.

Singing bowls are ideal for yoga practitioners and teachers, energy workers, parents, students, individuals, and pets.  We cannot think of anyone or anything that does not benefit from the sound vibrations of crystal bowls. The sound is soothing and brings about a feeling of calm, peace and connection to a higher vibrational plane.

Use your intuition to select the perfect bowl or bowls and bring them in to your life today!

Crystal Singing Bowls emit life force energy, much like the sun. This energy activates light in the body and from this light our consciousness is enhanced and expanded allowing for personal awakening at a DNA level.

Our physical bodies are 65-70% water. The vibrations of crystal singing bowls penetrate our bodies as well as our hearts. When played with intention and good technique, these crystal singing bowls bring peace, grounding, stability and wellness in body, mind and spirit.  

• Handle your Crystal Singing Bowls with care. Crystal Singing Bowls are delicate and can actually shatter if played too strongly.
• Your Crystal Singing Bowls are premium-quality yet fragile instruments. Giving them proper care and handling will give you beautiful healing tones and harmonics for a lifetime.
• Always handle your bowls with gentle care and take special precautions while transporting or storing.  

To clean your crystal singing bowls, use
• distilled water and a mild dishwashing soap
• a soft bristle brush or soft white cloth to clean the inside and outside.
• clear, cool water to then rinse your bowl and
• a blow dryer on a very low temperature setting to dry it.

Bowl striker and rubber o-ring are included. Comes packed in a styrofoam box.

Other options of cases and strikers are also available.  Please see our current inventory here.


To amplify the healing vibes of this bowl, you'll also receive:
Free access to
IEL Institute Level 3.2 Home Study Course "Sound Vibration Therapy" - a $119 value!

The IEL Institute Program is designed specifically for energy practitioners and healers as well as for individual study includes. The "Sound Vibrational Course" includes 12 tutorial videos and a companion PDF file that contains essential topics in using crystal singing bowls as effective energy healing tools:

• Intro to Sound Healing
• Benefits of Sound Healing
• Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
• How to play a Crystal Singing Bowl Part 1
• How to play a Crystal Singing Bowl Part 2
• 440 Hz versus 432 Hz
• Binaural Beats