Smoky Quartz Gemstone Crystal Singing Bowl, B Note, 9"

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Smoky Quartz Gemstone
Singing Crystal Bowl
B-Note, 9"
Perfect Pitch, 432 Hz

Created by fusing Clear Quartz with Smoky Quartz material, this Empyrean Singing Crystal Gemstone Bowl emits a pure, perfect pitch B-Note that was honed using 432 Hz tuning.  This bowl has a smooth finely polished surface eliminating the noise produced by the striker especially when a silicone coated striker is used.  

Smoky Quartz is a very protective and grounding stone bringing psychic protection. It's also an excellent stone for protection from negative energy, as it removes negativity and negative energy of any kind while transforming them to positive energy. Smoky Quartz Crystal works unendingly to correct imbalances in the etheric bodies, with an emphasis on the Solar Plexus or Third Chakra. 

B-Note bowls vibrate the Crown Chakra. They correspond to spirituality, intuition, and enlightenment. B-Note bowls are also used to help develop and grow exceptional spiritual insights and deep perception. The B-note empowers us to interpret our akashic records and our truth by connecting us with the energies from Universal Source. A fully developed and balanced Crown Chakra can help us to become higher functioning, compassionate and wise beings.

Suede bowl striker and rubber o-ring are included. Comes packed in a sturdy styrofoam box. We carry cases and strikers as well. Please see our current inventory here.

Even though our human ears can’t distinguish the pure tones (tonal) difference between 440 Hz (typical musical instrument tuning) and 432 Hz, the alternative mode of 432 Hz tuning can result in a deeper sound healing experience. Compared to the common 440 Hz, 432 Hz is said to be more "in tune with the laws of nature". It resonates with the “golden ratio” and is mathematically consistent with the universe. 

Using 432 Hz tuning moves Middle C tuning closer to 256 Hz, a multiple of 8 Hz, a frequency that's very close to the Schumann resonance, considered the “the heartbeat of earth”. 

432 Hz connects in many ways to universal numbers, to sacred sites across the earth, to Christ energy to different spiritual aspects as it relates to numbers and sacred geometries. These connections go back centuries through ancient civilizations - Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Avenbury and many others.

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Should you choose 432 Hz or 440 Hz?
Both 440 Hz and 432 Hz tuning have been used effectively to align frequencies in the human body and to balance the chakras.

Some people feel that no one frequency can claim to be the one magic healing frequency that works for everyone. 

If you haven't experienced the difference between 432 and 440 Hz tuning, you can search online for audio and video samples of each.

Use your own feelings and senses to hear and feel the different sounds and vibrations and then choose your crystal bowl tuning based on where your heart and intuition lead you.

• Handle your Crystal Singing Bowls with care. Crystal Singing Bowls are delicate and can actually shatter if played too strongly. 

• Your Crystal Singing Bowls are premium-quality yet fragile instruments. Giving them proper care and handling will give you beautiful healing tones and harmonics for a lifetime. 
• Always handle your bowls with gentle care and take special precautions while transporting or storing.  

To clean your crystal singing bowls, use 
• distilled water and a mild dishwashing soap
• a soft bristle brush or soft white cloth to clean the inside and outside. 
• clear, cool water to then rinse your bowl and 
• a blow dryer on a very low temperature setting to dry it.


To amplify the healing vibes of this bowl, you'll also receive:
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Please note: 
While we take great care in photographing our crystal items, photographs don’t always accurately show the true color of a particular stone or product. The colors shown may be slightly deeper or lighter than presented. In many cases, the colors and saturation are accurate.