Solar Cross by Russell Forsyth

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Solar Cross is a trilogy writing that combines modern ideas and spiritual teachings with ancient prophecy and the end of the Mayan Calendar while another life form delivers teachings on evolution and extinction.  

While on a day trip in New Mexico to Three Rivers Petroglyphs, Russell becomes interest in a symbol turns out to be the Solar Cross, which is a symbol that is also found in the ancient cultures China, Egypt and South America.

As Russell digs deeper and deeper into the meanings behind the symbol, he uncovers another plane of existence where a race of beings are fighting extinction.  This information begins a race against time as the focus shifts to the end of the Mayan calendar and the events that have been prophesied for thousands of years.

The story weaves a tale of mystery and danger as Russell tries to find answers to the unusual circumstances around crash sites and accident victims that brings unwanted attention from government agencies and Homeland Security.

With the help of other beings, Russell gains an insight through spiritual knowledge as he experiences the death of some close friends that converge to create an opening to other worlds, time travel and incredible expansion within the heart and soul.

Author, Russell Forsyth, is a spiritual life coach, energy healer, inventor of the Forsyth crystal light bed, founder of the IEL Institute, public speaker, educator and incredible human being.  Learn more about Russell at