"The Harmonic" Crystal Light Bed

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$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Forsyth Crystal Light Table© and Custom Crystal Beds present "The Harmonic" model.

The "Harmonic" Crystal Bed is a unique combination of ancient and modern healing modalities built into a product to create an energy tool and an experience unlike any other. The very first Forsyth Crystal Light Table was invented by Russell Forsyth in the basement of an iconic historic home in Austin, Texas in 2007. Following guidance received intuitively from dreams and visions, Russell began to create an energy tool that would eventually help to facilitate deep transformational healing for thousands of people of all ages.

The "Harmonic" Crystal Bed incorporates crystal therapy, sound vibration therapy, chromo therapy and magnetic therapy. Each crystal bed is customized to your intentions and desires.  Each table is created with loving care.  Every crystal bed is a one of a kind work of art and unique energy tool. We also test each crystal for compatibility and effectiveness with each practitioner and table for effectiveness.

Base Price starts at $7,995 and includes everything required to conduct healing sessions

• Customized table with bolster, carrying case and head rest infused with the intentions of the owner

• Choice of table colors

• Chromo therapy light with programmed controller

• Double twisted copper crystal holder

• Two fine cut crystal wand ($2800 value)

• Gold neodymium therapy magnets

• 12 Bowl set of Classic Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra and Endocrine set tuned to 432hz (8"-14")

• Full set of 432hz crystal bowl meditations (downloads) timed to light sequences for hands free use of the crystal bed

• Online training program that leads to certification as a crystal bed therapist (Silver Membership valued at $1250)

• Free listing on our website as a certified practitioner

 Customizations to this model may include:

• extra crystals

• upgrade on the type of bowls such as Featherlite, Gemstone infused or clear Quartz 

• heavy duty crystal bowl carrying cases

• additional meditations

• full IEL Institute advanced learning course

• In person coaching and training with Russell Forsyth. (Phone, Skype, Facetime works too) Packages available.

Sales Tax is applied to Texas sales only.  

Shipping cost will be calculated based on location.  

Pick up in Austin, Texas is available.

 Contact us today for a quote.  Discounts for multiple table purchases.


"This FCLT is powering ahead and I am blown away at the results it is achieving and what it is capable of achieving. I am really discovering that the table has the capacity to expedite and enhance the release of cellular memory….way faster than any other tool I have used before."