"The Stargate" Crystal Light Bed

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"The Stargate" refers to the crystal that comes with this model of Forsyth Crystal Light Table© Custom Crystal Beds. It is a drastic departure from the fine cut crystal wands that are used with our other crystal light bed models. A Quartz Crystal plate on the chromo therapy light creates a broadcast of energy to bathe the body in crystalline light (think flood light instead of laser light). 

Testing with clients led to a remarkably different experience with the same beneficial results. The extremely versatile Stargate with a fitted Quartz Crystal disc but also includes an optional crystal wand mount for use with a traditional crystal wand. 

Note: Due to availability of the Quartz Crystal material required to produce the large plate design, quantities are limited.

Base price for The Stargate includes:

• Customized crystal bed infused with your energy of intent

• Chromo therapy lighting with pre-programmed controller

• Crystal with mounting clips, 7 X1/2  ($1400 value)

• Gold neodymium therapy magnets

• 7 classic frosted crystal singing bowl chakra set tuned to 432Hz

• 3 Recorded 432hz crystal singing bowl meditations for a hands free session (digital download)

• Online training program that leads to certification as a crystal bed therapist (Silver Membership valued at $1250)

• Practitioner listing on our IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts website

Customizations to this model may include:

• additional Healing Crystals

• upgrade product line of bowls such as Featherlite, Gemstone-infused or Clear Quartz 

• heavy duty Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Cases

• additional meditations

• full IEL Institute advanced learning course

• In-person coaching and training with Russell Forsyth. Training can be conducted by phone, Skype, or Facetime. Packages available.

**Does not include applicable Texas sales tax and shipping costs based on location.