Vogel Crystal Star of David with Amethyst & Rose Quartz, Large

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Vogel Crystal Star of David

Amethyst & Rose Quartz
Vogel Crystal Star of David
Set in Sterling Silver

We love it when this one returns! This one is very soft purple and pink. Combining the high-vibe purple-power of Amethyst with the heart-opening energy of Rose Quartz, this authentic Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant was intentionally cut to form the sacred geometry of the Star of David. Set in Sterling Silver, this combo is one of our more popular healing stone combinations. 

This is a large pendant measuring 1.25" wide and high and 0.5" deep. Total weight of stone and mounting is 18 grams. Includes your choice of a 16", 18" or 24" temporary Sterling Silver box chain.

Amethyst connects to the upper chakras and to the Divine. It can assist in opening the channels of communication with the other side of the veil as well as accelerating the development of one's own intuition and clairvoyance.   

Amethyst is a very high vibration amplifier stone and perfect for energy workers or a personal energy healing tool. It is believed to promote tranquility and inner peace by releasing negativity from the aura, as well as help its wearer or keeper on his or her journey to spiritual enlightenment and higher psychic awareness.   

Rose Quartz aligns with the Heart Chakra and assists in drawing in the energy of love. Rose Quartz is often called the "Love Stone”. Its energetic hallmark - unconditional love - opens the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz may enhance every kind of love including self-love, romantic or platonic love, family and friend love. Bringing in love enhances all aspects of life. It is also considered useful in easing the process of dying by bringing in unconditional love of the Divine.

This authentic Vogel Crystal Star of David cut features unique faceting that creates the six-sided star. The faceting establishes an energetic flow by placing an upright triangle on the face of the stone and an inverted triangle on the opposite side of the stone.

Star of David Diagram
An energetic flow is created by the overlap of an upright triangle on one side of the crystal and an inverted triangle on the opposite side.