Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant in Zambian Smoky Quartz, Medium


Size: 1 x 1/2 Inch
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus • Grounding • Protection • Balance
Handcrafted with Intention in USA

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Natural Zambian Smoky Quartz Crystal
Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant 
Set in Sterling Silver 

African Crystal is particularly brilliant and sparkly and its energy is amplified as a result. The energetic signature of Smoky Quartz is grounding and protection from negative energies by stabilizing your energy field. This protective energy includes psychic protection from negative energies as Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy to positive energy. 

Measures just over 1" high and 0.5" deep. This is considered a medium-sized pendant. Includes your choice of Sterling Silver box chain. Handcrafted with intention in the USA.

Warm and beautiful is this pale color of Zambian Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz is thought to transmute negative energy to positive while balancing the physical and etheric bodies with an emphasis on the Solar Plexus or third chakra.

Silver brings its own energetic signature as it radiates the energy of the Moon and is known to enhance its powers, especially during the full and new moon. As the metal of emotional energies, silver aligns with the yin and the Divine Feminine. Paired with Smoky Quartz, Sterling Silver enhances the connection between you and the stone, smoothing the flow of energy between you and your healing crystal.

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At Crystal Light and Sound, we carry only true Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendants intentionally cut by the highly skilled lapidary artist at Kings Crystal Studio who aligns with the intentional cutting methods of Marcel Vogel. 

In his life’s work with light, reflection and refraction, Marcel Vogel discovered the unique properties of Quartz Crystal as a vehicle for cohering and amplifying energies and intentions. Learn more about Marcel Vogel and The Power of Healing Crystals and what makes a crystal an authentic "Vogel Crystal". 

Our Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendants come in a variety of stones. See all Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendants currently in stock. Other available settings include yellow gold, rose gold or Platinum. Please ask us about other healing stones; if a particular stone is available, it can often be cut into a Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant.


1 X 1/2 Inches
Energetic Properties:
Solar Plexus • Grounding • Protection • Balance