Vogel Star of David with Madagascar Clear Quartz with Dichroic Glass-Large


Size: 1-1/4 x 1/2 Inches
Energetic Properties: All Chakras • Clear & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition • Energizing • Stabilizing • Focus • Clarity
Intentionally Handcrafted in USA

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Vogel Crystal Star of David
 Madagascar Clear Quartz with Dichroic Glass
Set in Argentium Silver

An exceptional and rare Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant featuring Madagascar Clear Quartz with Rainbow Dichroic Glass. The brilliant colors of the dichroic glass change from vibrant to subtle tones. Intentionally handcrafted in the USA, these dichroic glass Vogel Crystal Star of David pendants offer an eye-catching, glimmering beauty. 

The stone measures just shy of 1-1/4" high and 1/2" deep or large-sized Vogel Star of David Pendant. Set in Argentium Silver, a tarnish-resistant high-quality silver. Includes your choice of Sterling Silver box chain and clearing and charging instructions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel.

Natural Clear Quartz is considered the "Universal" healing stone and the master of the Quartz Crystal world". This water-clear quartz stone was mined in Madagascar. Easily programmed to move energy and boost one's auric field, it's the perfect energy tool and makes a gorgeous piece of jewelry.  

Dichroic Glass, created by NASA, and known as a "glass of light", has a high vibrational frequency that provides immediate access to a meditative state. The powerful Dichroic crystal energies are believed to activate the Third Eye, Crown, and etheric chakras and create gentle awareness to use the hidden creative side of the wearing individual*. 

Silver radiates the energy of the Moon and is known to enhance its powers, especially during the full and new moon. As the metal of emotional energies, silver aligns with the yin and the Divine Feminine. Silver cools, calms, and soothes as it vibrates to the Divine Feminine within each of us. Like the moon reflects the sun’s light, silver’s reflectivity helps to reflect negativity from those who wear it.

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We carry only true Vogel Crystal Star of David healing quartz crystal pendants cut by the world-class lapidary at Kings Crystals. Kings subscribes to the Marcel Vogel cutting methods and aligns himself with each crystal to create the highest vibrational crystal pieces found anywhere in the world.  

With each healing Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant from Crystal Light and Sound, you’ll receive directions on how to clear and program your new healing crystal.

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