6 Ways to Spot a Fine Cut Healing Crystal

6 Ways to Spot a Fine Cut Healing Crystal
What should I look for in an exceptionally fine cut healing crystal?

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A fine quality, fine cut healing crystal is a lifetime investment that will serve you throughout your life’s healing journey. Indeed, a high-quality fine-cut healing quartz crystal will last far longer than just one lifetime making it a lovely heirloom piece as well.

A fine-cut healing crystal will help enhance your healing and support your intentions by amplifying and cohering the energy that you desire to focus into your body and your mind and your spirit.

What to Look for in a Fine Cut Healing Crystal

There are 3 main areas of consideration when you’re shopping for a healing crystal tool:
1 - The 
intentions of the lapidary artist
2 - The quality of the raw material
3 - The precision of the cut and polish.

Vogel Crystal Healing Wand in Smoky Citrine Quartz

When you’re considering a healing crystal tool, ideally you would know the stone’s origin, its history and provenance.

For a very fine-cut, fine-quality healing crystal:

1 - The seller should know origin of the raw quartz material before it was cut
The provenance of the crystal material used to create the fine cut healing crystal is known and documented. 

2 - The raw material is the finest quality available.
Clear, Citrine, and Smoky Quartz cohere and move the most energy. Look for the terms “electronics grade,” “high grade,” "optically clear", or “water clear”. For other types of quartz crystals, the more clear the crystal of any inclusions, the more pure energy it will move. 

3 - The symmetry of the facets is near-perfect? (if symmetry is the intention of the artist)
Inspect the facets. Check every side. Are they evenly and equally spaced? 

Clear Quartz Pentadodecahedron by Lawrence Stoller

4 - The angles of the facets are precise and display “near-perfect geometry”.
Think about cutting a multifaceted crystal. If just one angle is only one-tenth of a degree off, the entire piece will be skewed. Best practice is to check every angle of every facet.

Vogel Crystal Star of David Siberian Blue Pendant

5 - To be considered a superior polish, the surface should look like a fine-polished mirror.
No smudges, no chips, just a smooth glassy surface. 
Best practice is to inspect for imperfections of the crystal under an LED light.

Stoller Sculpture From Russia

6 - Perhaps most important: The crystal was intentionally cut by an experienced, master lapidary artist.
Each and every finely cut healing crystal is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

In the words of Lawrence Stoller, the process of cutting a fine-cut healing crystal...
“begins with love. Each crystal is designed and worked using the following criteria:

- A design that enhances the individual nature of the crystal.

- Precise angles and symmetry, tailored to amplify the current of piezoelectric and subtle energies, while expanding the range of its energy field.

- Flat, clean surfaces and a premier polish eliminate distortion, magnify internal visibility, increase the capacity for light, and hearten beauty within the crystal."

Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Wands