Customer Reviews & Testimonials

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"My beautiful crystal just arrived.

It is so beautiful, when I pulled it from it from its gorgeous padded case with the lovely quote from Marcel Vogel I got tears of joy and still drizzling as I write to you.  I will use it for love, peace and any good works the Creator guides my way. Love and light to you,"

~S. M. USA

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"There are many sellers out there that sell Vogel crystals, many are cheaper, but you really don't know about its quality, or authenticity.

They only sell the authentic Vogel crystals here. The servicing has also been top notch ... Every communication with them, I received quick responses, their (Beckie's) answers were honest, helpful and thoughtful. I would highly recommend buying from Crystal Light and Sound as they are a trusted, reliable store with excellent customer service!"
~ S.E. Canada

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"all was done perfectly"

I like this shop very much... It was love for the first view and I was connected with this since the first time I saw it. My jewel arrived very nice packed with the instructions also I received courses how to work with this. I reccommend it, all was done perfectly."
~ P. V. CZ

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"...we can feel that you're "real" with the crystals and the energy...

Thank you so much for the beautiful Trinity wand crystal. It's truly amazing. We are both very happy to have found your crystals and your site. You're very professional and we can feel that you're "real" with the crystals and the energy."

~ C. M.

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"She is SO incredibly lovely. ...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful star pendant. She is SO incredibly lovely. ... Until this morning, I wasn’t aware of the cosmic alignment happening on the 22nd related to Venus, but I am now aware that this star is carrying this energy, and why she is waiting to be wornHeartfully,"


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"... more beautiful than pictured on your website!

I received my order the other day and love both the pendulum and the clear quartz bracelet! Everything so was carefully packaged and I appreciate the gift of the Rhodochrosite, such a lovely surprise!

The pendulum is absolutely gorgeous, more beautiful than pictured on your website! And I love the bracelet, too! I am glad I found you and am following Crystal Light and Sound on Instagram. Thank you for such wonderful treasures!"

~ D. B.

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"What a beautiful bowl!

Blessings beautiful soul! I received the bowl just in time. What a beautiful bowl! 
It was well packed! It blended absolutely beautifully!!!!  
I want to thank you so much for the Magic you put into it. From now on YOU are my supply!!!  That bowl is quality! You were so right & I’m so grateful."
 ~ J.C. (CA, USA)

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"I love the beauty, quality and amazing selection at your store..."

"Awesome, thank you so much! It's a beautiful piece, and I like the softer color palette for spring/summer ...I love the beauty, quality and amazing selection at your store, Beckie! Not to mention your awesome customer service! Such a lost art in today’s world!"
~ K.L.

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"It arrived very quickly!"


"Hi Russel and Becky,

Thank you so much for the Vogel necklace, it arrived very quickly!

The packaging was lovely and the necklace itself is gorgeous.


I wore it for energy sessions yesterday and I felt so much strength and stability. It has such gentle yet powerful energy. Just what I needed (along with some additional training!)."

~ T.A.

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"Thanks again for producing these amazing pieces..."

The Vogel 16 looks amazing. ...  I've been looking for something with a higher number of facets recently and the lines on that 16 are off the chart...


When I got home last night I tested the 16 and it was the strongest reaction of any crystal I've ever tested. ... The pictures you have almost look fake, the lines are so clean. Thanks again for producing these amazing pieces and keep up the great work!!"

~ S.D.L. (USA)

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"... highly recommend this shop."


"Gorgeous, excellent quality and clarity. My Vogel Star of David Clear Quartz pendant was safely packed and I was able to track it down all the way to Australia. It came with a pouch, instructions and a little gift :)


The description matches the product and Beckie is very helpful and friendly. I'm very happy with my pendant and highly recommend this shop.

Thank you guys :)"

~M.S. (Australia)

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"... has become my favorite everyday necklace."


"This gorgeous pendant - Natural Citrine Vogel Star of David - has become my favorite everyday necklace. With it's subtle yellow color and beautiful, perfect cut, I feel grounded and simultaneously opened to all possibilities.


Thank you Beckie for your wisdom and support.

With your help, I now have a deeper understanding of the healing power of crystals!"

~J.B. (USA)