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Since the inception of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© in 2007, Russell Forsyth has been designing and building crystal light beds for our customers and clients. 

Alchemy Crystal Light Bed

It soon became clear that each crystal light bed was unique in its own way. This recent incarnation represents the 4th generation of crystal light bed design. Despite the fact that the tables incorporate some of the same elements of modern and ancient modalities, each Crystal Light Bed is built according the specifications of you, our client. Those unique differences in every table emerge from the intentions that create a specific energetic alignment with the purpose for each crystal bed that is purchased.

Custom Crystal Bed

Each table leaves the builder and travels to its new home as an individualized healing tool. But after put into service, each Custom Crystal Bed becomes another point of light on a global energy grid. Some practitioners communicated that they felt the addition of a new table in the world as they operated their own unique Crystal Light Bed. The healing energy that brings balance to one person ripples out to touch everyone to whom they are connected. Find out the many healing modalities you can use to heal with Custom Crystal Bed, including remote healing methods

Healing the world starts with the individual, then spreads to their family and community. Many practitioners hold group meditations and healing by gathering in a room where the crystal bed is located and operated. You can start drawing people to your spa or practice on the first day of operation for your new Custom Crystal Bed. 

Atlantean Crystal Bed

Every Custom Crystal Bed includes the following components:
• Crystal Therapy
• Magnetic Therapy
• Sound Vibration Therapy
• Chromotherapy
• Training (no other crystal bed in the world includes free certification training and resources)
• Portal to a non-physical dimension (this is the trade secret that makes the crystal bed unique)

From earlier experiences we realized the total infusion of all elements to align with the customers intent, was a vital aspect of the overall design and successful use. The massage table itself is the most expensive element, because of the needed for the total infusion process and the installation of the gate or portal. Even our most recent operators described their experience with the new portal in their healing space. Several hours are spent on the massage table.

It may look like any other table, but it is much more and a crucial energetic element to the design and operation of the crystal bed. In the beginning, a client persuaded us to allow the use of their existing table as a cost-savings measure. The result was an ineffective crystal bed. From that point on, we refused to build under that type of agreement.

 Crystal Light Bed

We are now for the first time offering all the elements to piece together an energy device specific to the needs of our customers. This basically means you can buy all the parts to the light table. A massage therapist can now add chromotherapy to function with their table. They can also add magnetic therapy or crystal therapy. We love to see anyone use our products with the understanding the only way to get the best performance from a custom crystal bed, is to buy all the elements in one of our packages that includes the massage table infusion of all parts simultaneously.

The elements of a Custom Crystal Bed include: 
Crystal Bed Massage Table 
• Infused with your intentions in your choice of colors. Includes face pillow and bolster 

Chromotherapy Device (Portable or Fixed)
• Includes lighting controller, cables, multi-strip outlet, and universal stand to fit most massage tables

Custom-Designed Crystal Bed Wand*
• The Atlantean, Harmonic Crystal, and Deluxe Alchemy models all come with a double mount and two crystal wands; the Awakening and Dream Spa model include a single mount and one crystal wand 

Copper Wand Holder
• Will custom fit any crystal wand; designed to amplify the flow of energy

Additional Crystal Wands
• Can be custom cut to your intentions. Prices vary. Requires Custom Wand Holder 

Gold Plated Neodymium Therapy Magnets 
• Installed directly onto the Custom Crystal Bed table

Magnetic Pad
• Can be used in place of installed magnets

Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls Set
• Includes 7-bowl Chakra Set tuned to 432HZ
• Custom orders available for
Custom Gemstone Infused Crystal Bowls or Alchemy Crystal Bowls or other types of singing bowls

Crystal Bed Therapy Recordings
• Allows you to operate the crystal light bed without owning or playing a crystal bowl set. Perfect for home use, hands-free operation to use with other modalities, and spas. 

A 3-Part Meditation Package

Free lifetime access to Online Training Program

*Please Note: Most people budget for an extra wand in case the original is misplaced, broken, unable to clear the energy from the last client, or the use of two crystals is preferred. It’s always good to have a backup and a wand that can be used to directly target an imbalance.