These 6-sided crystals strictly adhere to the established specifications outlined by Dr. Marcel Vogel for optimal quality and energetic properties. Additionally, they incorporate specifications given by a Pleiadian scientist, Jen Han Eredyon.  This additional specification, is that the 6 sides of the crystal are cut in alignment with the natural 6 sided hexagonal core of the crystal.  This type cut crystal will perform equally well energetically as a standard Vogel cut 6 sided crystal, while having the extra attribute, according to Jen Han Eredyon, of being able to access a singularity vortex of what he terms "The Eye" of the crystal.   This new crystal science expands upon the pioneering work of Dr Marcel Vogel into new realms for those who wish to explore the advanced crystal science from another world.    For more information on scientist Jen Han Eredyon, you can visit

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