Why Do I Need to Clear and Charge My Crystals?

Clearing your healing crystal realigns its energy and charging it aligns it to your intentions. It's a simple and quick process that begins your healing crystal ritual and practice.

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The Vogel "Forced Breath" Method

As Marcel Vogel worked with Quartz Crystal, both in conventional experiments and in energetic healing applications, he developed a simple method of clearing and programming his Quartz Crystal energy healing tools. The technique can be used with any crystal, or any object for that matter. But Quartz Crystals are particularly good at holding a charge.


The Vogel Technique incorporates two key concepts:

1 - Quartz Crystal has the innate ability to function as a psychotronic device. It can hold information in the form of a thought, an emotion, or a frequency almost indefinitely without loss of cohesion. 
2 - Our breath can be used as a vehicle to place a thought, emotion, or essence into a Quartz Crystal. The act of doing this is referred to as “programming your crystal”.

Two-Step Process to Clear & Charge Your Crystals

We throughly cleared your crystal before it was shipped to you. You’ll want to clear and charge it regularly, especially with daily use. We recommend that you charge your crystal with your personal, unique intentions so that it may serve you in the highest way possible. 

To be a healer, the science of breath is essential.
Ancient wisdom and yoga can help move a person through 
the various levels of consciousness.
~ Marcel Vogel

Step One: Forced Breath Clearing

Forced Breath Crystal Clearing

1  As you bring the essence of peace into your mind, fill yourself with this essence as you hold your crystal about 3-4 inches from your mouth.
Focus your attention onto the crystal with the intention of clearing your crystal of all unwanted energies.
Inhale deeply, filling your diaphragm and bringing in the essence of clarity and peace to your mind.
4 Hold this breath for a second or two with focus on clarity.
5 In a sudden, forced exhale, blow out the air from your lungs (Marcel Vogel recommended through the nostril but through your mouth works too).
6 Holding your crystal, ask it if it is fully cleared. With a quiet mind, listen for the answer. Repeat this clearing method until you sense your crystal is cleared. 
7 You can also use dowsing to confirm the answer. You may need to repeat the clearing a few times, especially for new-to-you crystals.

Step Two: Forced Breath Charging

Crystal Wand

Repeat the Breath Release Method while focusing on your intentions or desired outcome. For example:
 “My intention is to release anything blocking me from creating abundance”
 “My intention is to connect to my intuition clearly and without judgment”
 “My intention is to release all stress and pressure inhibiting my well-being”.
You can also use dowsing to confirm the answer. You may need to repeat the clearing a few times, especially for new-to-you crystals.

Alternative Methods of Clearing & Charging

Clearing with Sun & Moon

The sun can be used to purify and charge your crystal but only in short bursts. Long-term exposure to the sun can result in damage by causing fissures in the skin of the crystal.

The moon can be used to charge the crystals, using light energy, by placing the crystal on a window sill during the phases of the moon.

Cleaning & Caring for Your Crystals

・Clean your crystal by wiping it with dampened clean cloth.
・Never submerge your crystal in water for long periods of time.
・Never use salt or salt-based substance to clean your crystal. Marcel Vogel likened crystals to batteries. Salt discharges electronic devices.
・Store your crystal in a padded carrying case when not in use.
・Use your crystal regularly to keep it from going to sleep.

Crystal Wand Points are Delicate!

Crystal Wand Tips

The points of finely cut crystal wands are extremely delicate (and sharp). The majority of damage to crystal wands typically occurs in the top 1/8” of the point.
Please avoid any contact with the tip of the points, both male (transmitting) and female (receiving) ends. 

In the event of a break, a crystal wand can often be repaired. Repair costs start at $50. Please contact us for more information should you chip or crack or break your crystal.