CRYSTAL CLEAR™ Luminous Technology

The ONLY Clearing Device Developed Specifically for Energy Healing Crystals


✶ erases all imprints in Clear Quartz Crystals


✶ precise controlled 4096 Hz frequency


✶ prepares crystal effectively for use


✶ 30-second application for complete clearing

CRYSTAL CLEAR™ Luminous Technology is designed to create a sound that precisely matches the core vibrational frequency of quartz crystal. Reproducing the pure tone of 4096Hz to resonate with quartz crystal lattice structure.


The 4096Hz frequency rate disassembles the bonds between the lower frequencies. A consistent tone directed at the crystal allows for return to a balanced and geometrically absolute resonance.

Clearing your crystal leads to greater receptivity for the introduction of new programming. Unlike a tuning fork, the accuracy produced by CRYSTAL CLEAR™ is an unwavering pure tone delivered within a typical .05Hz tolerance, maximum error .1hz. This is 25 parts per million.


Consistent sound waves force any previous imprints or intrusive particles out of the crystal. The tone is delivered by a transducer with sound vibrations far superior to using an app through a phone speaker.


The vibration we measure as 4096 Hz resonates with the clear quartz, which is the purest most elevated state of matter in the universe, therefore any lower vibration will not be able to resonate at that frequency and therefore must separate and detach itself. 

Once the crystal is totally clear it can now be an effective tool. In essence, you are returning the natural quartz to a base zero state. From there, you can introduce the transcending frequency of love to initiate new vibrational patterns in alignment with your intended use.


In our testing, we used the CRYSTAL CLEAR™ to perform several tests. In one we cleared the crystal, then used the forced-breath method to program the crystal with the energy of love. Using a visualization of a rainbow coming for the heart, into the breath and onto the crystal, the image speaks for itself.

How to Use the CRYSTAL CLEAR™ Device

Hold the CRYSTAL CLEAR™ device perpendicular to the crystal wand 1/4 to 1/2 inch away from the surface, moving slowly as you brush the sound over the length of the crystal. The sound transducer is in the middle of the device on the side opposite of the button.   

Rotating the crystal, you want to make sure you are exposing the sound to the 3 main axis of the crystal. Turn once, and take about 10 seconds to slowly move the length of the crystal face, 5 seconds one way and 5 seconds the other way. Then, rotate the crystal to the next axis and do the same for the 3rd axis as in this illustration. The sound penetrates without touching the crystal and will vibrate out the lower frequency imprints from the lattice structure.

Note: This is true for a 6-facet crystal wand only. For a multi-sided wand (8, 12, 24 facet), run the device up and down the length of the crystal as you slowly rotate it all the way around.