Brazilian Citrine Quartz Wand by Lawrence Stoller (117g)

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Size 3 Inches • 117 Grams
Energetic Properties Solar Plexus • Abundance • Happiness • Generosity • Goodwill
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Lawrence Stoller Collection
Brazilian Citrine Quartz Wand
117 Grams (585 carats)

Brazilian Citrine Quartz meticulously handcrafted by Lawrence Stoller from Bend, Oregon. This beautiful small wand is carved in the distinctive Stoller style with a rounded bottom.  This lovely Citrine Wand displays natural zoning in the water-clear inner landscape. This wand is smooth and fits perfectly in your palm offering a satisfying feeling of connection. 

The size and shape of the natural crystals are protected and honored by the craftsmanship of Lawrence Stoller. "Communication is established with each crystal before the carving begins," says Stoller.  Each crystal is absolutely one of a kind. Without exception, the best polish in the world comes from Lawrence Stoller and Crystalworks.  

This palm-sized crystal measures 3" in length, 1-3/8" in width and depth, and weighs 117 grams (585 carats).

 "There is a substance to beauty that can move us in ways for which distance has no meaning. Then beauty is magical. Any crystal can transport us. And beauty is one of its methods."
~Lawrence Stoller

Citrine is known as The Stone of Abundance. Working with this bright energy stone can bring forth abundance of all kinds in life, love, wealth, and health. Aligning with the Solar Plexus chakra it supports your expression of personal power and manifestation. 

Our favorite saying about Citrine is that it's like solidified sunshine bringing increased optimism and sunny cheerfulness into your life. It's thought that Citrine never attracts negative energy making it a perfect stone to cleanse and align all your chakras promoting clarity and optimism. You can never go wrong with Citrine.


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