Smoky Quartz Kabbalistic Crystal Set in Sterling Silver


Size: 1-1/4 x 3/8 Inches
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus • Grounding • Protection • Balance
Handcrafted in USA

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Smoky Kabbalistic™ Pendant
from Tools for Evolution
Set in Sterling Silver

New to Crystal Light and Sound from the Tools for Evolution Collection. This Kabbalistic Crystal is fashioned after the original cut of quartz crystal created by Marcel Vogel in the early 1980s. Precisely faceted into the shape of the Tree of Life, these crystals are renowned for their healing properties.  

Smoky quartz, adding to the power of this cut, brings a grounded and balanced energy. Smoky is known to be very protective and aligns and balances the root chakra bringing a stabilizing effect to one's entire energy system. 

Measures approx 1-1/4" x 3/8". Hangs from an 18" box chain and comes packaged in a black velvet gift box. 


Smoky Quartz
Solar Plexus