Custom Crystal Bed Chromotherapy Device

Light is composed of vibrational frequencies. Studies have shown that colored light can have a positive effect on our mind, body, and spirit.


Chromotherapy is an ancient healing modality and when used properly it can help to harness the energy to facilitate greater wellbeing. Developed by the Egyptians and Romans, chromotherapy has been used as a healing tool since the ancient Egyptians first began reflecting sunlight onto people with illness.


Colors are certain wavelengths of electromagnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object. We know that when all colors join, the result is white light. Therefore working with white light brings about completeness, oneness, and the union of all systems. 

Each color carries its own unique vibrational signature. Within each frequency, a color holds certain properties. By identifying each unique property, a practitioner can use chromotherapy specific to the needs of the client. 

Custom Crystal Bed Chromotherapy Graphic

Our Chromotherapy device is a full spectrum LED light connected to programmable lighting controller and directed toward the person on the crystal bed. The chromotherapy device washes the entire body in a color-filled balancing energy that includes the full spectrum of light.


Custom Crystal Bed Photo

Chromotherapy treatment can be used alone or to compliment other healing and spa therapies. Color-based therapy aims to restore the balance of the body  and its electrical and magnetic fields, addressing disharmony at its core. 

Chromotherapy is now available at many leading spas and naturopathic clinics, and has no known negative side effects. When used properly, chromotherapy can help to restore spiritual and emotional health by using the frequency and vibration that’s specific to an intention or issue. When combined with other therapies and modalities, the effects can be profound.

Every Custom Crystal Bed includes educational information about Chromotherapy.