Custom Crystal Bed Crystal Therapy

Crystals enhance a persons natural ability to heal and transform energy by delivering the power of low-dose natural radiation. Through the ground breaking discoveries of Dr. Marcel Vogel, a spiritual scientist with IBM, it was determined that crystals could amplify energy to create positive change at a cellular level within the human body.

Quartz crystal is unique in the elemental kingdom, in that it vibrates at the same rate (456 hertz) as the human body and water. When you combine this vibration, with the fact that crystals are a storage information device and a transducer, you can start to understand the power of the crystal as a healing tool.


A fine-cut crystal generator is used to communicate to the body through heat, light, and vibration. 

A method of clearing and programming the crystal with intentions, gives each session a dedicated and clean communication device that will treat the cells in the body with the intended or desired outcome.

Custom Crystal Bed Choice of Crystal

Each Custom Crystal Bed includes your choice of crystals such as our signature wand design, the “Trinity”, or the latest in crystal bed technology, the exclusive Stargate Crystal Disc.


Through a vision while operating the crystal bed, Russell created a unique element not found on any other crystal bed in the world. He added a "crystal plate", known as the Stargate Crystal, as an option to bathe the person on the table with crystalline light.
One of our finest lapidary artist discovered ‘gates’ or ‘portals’ are formed by the inclusions found in certain quartz crystals. Usually cut from “mega gems”, these crystal plates are used to transmit light through the gate to create an opening to non-physical dimensions of which some people will experience.


Every Custom Crystal Bed comes with a complete training program that includes a module on “Crystal Therapy”. Certifications are available for the completion of this course.