Custom Crystal Bed Magnetic Therapy Title

Magnetic energy has been used for healing and for restorative properties with the human body since the discovery of Magnetite thousands of years ago. In the Yellow Emperor Book of Internal Medicine, there is text dating back over 4,000 years describing the application of magnetic stones to correct imbalance in the Qi or life-force energy.


Magnetic therapy is also used for offsetting the effects of negative EMF’s (Electromagnetic Frequencies). We are constantly bombarded by these electrical spikes that occur around televisions, computers, household appliances, cell phones, and natural occurring earth energies. 


Magnets have been found to be effective in treating a variety of ailments and imbalances by increasing the flow of energies. Exposure to therapy magnets may help with blood circulation, strengthening bone structures, release of pain and imbalances and assists in bringing overall wellness to the human body.


The positive side of the magnets generally has strengthening and stimulating qualities that provide energy for cellular growth to repair bones and speed surgical recovery. The negative side of the magnets withdraws energy, which is sedating or relaxing and can be used for pain relief, reduction of swelling, and soothing inflammation. The list is long on the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Custom Crystal Bed Magnetic Therapy

Our Custom Crystal Bed includes your choice of magnetic therapy applications. You can choose to permanently attached magnets to the top of the bed or choose a removable magnetic pad. The magnets permanently applied to the Custom Crystal Bed are gold neodymium magnets with a 4000 Gauss rating. The removable pad option offers magnets with a  strength of 1000 gauss. Either selection will create a magnetic field that surrounds the body. 


Gold Plated Neodymium Therapy Magnets 

Gold Plated Neodymium Therapy Magnets 

We use gold-plated flat neodymium or ceramic magnets that hold the properties of gold delivered with the magnetic energy. Gold is a mineral known for its purification of the physical body as well as its ability to balance energy fields.

Important Note: 
The use of therapeutic magnets have inherent cautions that must be considered. Use of powerful therapy magnets are not recommended for anyone with electronic device implants such as pacemakers and hearing aids. In some cases, women who are pregnant or people who are very ill can experience an adverse reaction to magnetic therapy. If you incorporate Magnetic Therapy in your practice, you must use great discernment with certain applications and take appropriate measures such as covering or removing the magnets. 


We consider the training program to be vital for this reason. Every Custom Crystal Bed is accompanied by a complete training program with more information on Magnetic therapy.