Earth Cave, the Magic of the Middle Earth Meditation Time 42:43

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Earth Cave ~ Create your new life from the magic of the Middle Earth

Travel through the desert to find what's beneath the surface as you explore the magic and mystery of the Earth Cave. Deep inside the Middle Earth you will find the purple flame that illuminates all of life while in the womb of the great Mother spirit of our Earth. Some will experience the first breath of their new life and a new beginning through a holographic repatterining and recalibration.

Originally created for use with the Crystal Light Beds and Atlantean, we are now offering this product to the general public. Take a healing journey with the mother of creation who offers a deep cleansing from the healing energy found in the Earth Cave.

The Earth Cave meditation features five minutes of gentle guidance by Russell Forsyth followed by 5 minutes of balancing tones from each of the 7 different 432Hz singing bowls. This sound bath is designed to help with your intended focus for healing trauma, rebirthing, grounding, awakening or connecting with the Divine Mother/Father energy. 

Russell Forsyth has dedicated his life to helping others heal from energetic imbalances. In 2007, he invented the Forsyth Crystal Light Table as an energy healing tool. This meditation was created with the intention of helping you to help yourself. Russell's soothing voice along with the magical sounds of his 432hz Crystal Singing Bowls, you will be lulled into a safe place let your mind rest and restore.

Time: 42:43

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