Crystal Wand Generators

What do we mean by “Vogel-Inspired”?

We coined this phrase to describe our wands that are double-terminated and precisely cut to exacting measurements as prescribed by Marcel Vogel. That is, our "Vogel-inspired” wands are cut along the c-axis and from natural material.

Our “Vogel-inspired” wands differ from those we deem as “authentic Vogel” wands as they’re not cut by one of the few lapidary artists who were closely associated with Marcel Vogel. The “Vogel-inspired” wands don’t command the same price but nonetheless, they’re very powerful energy healing tools.


A "Vogel-Inspired" crystal wand generator with female & male terminations (double-termination).


In the marketplace, you’ll often find sellers who use the Vogel name as a marketing tool to describe a crystal wand generator that may or may not meet Marcel Vogel’s measurements. There is no governance around this “branding”, and no consequence for those sellers who improperly label a crystal as a “Vogel” crystal.

At Crystal Light and Sound, we consider ourselves Vogel purists. We do our best to properly label every crystal based on our research and knowledge concerning Marcel Vogel’s work.


It’s our understanding that Marcel worked only with 4, 6, 8, 12, 13, and possibly 16 facets. He also determined that the 51 degree, 51 minutes (52 degrees) angles were the best angle for the female termination. In our humble opinion, we are very discerning about what crystals we consider “authentic Vogel” crystal wands.

Note: We don't cut the 4-facet wand because of the extensive damage it does to the crystal’s hexagonal core and the subsequent waste of the raw material in the making.


To clarify, while other double-terminated wands still hold power to move energy and manifest intentnions, we won't classify them as “authentic Vogel” crystal wands unless cut by one of the few remaining Vogel lapidaries.

Hence, the term “Vogel-Inspired” was born to describe double-terminated wands NOT cut by a trained Vogel lapidary.

Despite this distinction, we’re proud to offer multifaceted wands with different angles cut by skilled cutters, with the expectation that these wands are cut by lapidary artists who are inspired by Marcel Vogel’s work and thus create effective, beautiful, and affordable crystal wands.


Is an authentic Vogel crystal wand more powerful than a Vogel-Inspired wand?

Yes and No. True power is generated by the Quartz Crystal combined with your intentions and love. But, there is power in perfection, and authentic Vogel wands are “perfection” which sets them apart.


Authentic Vogel wands are also a good investment as is a piece of fine art. Vogel-Inspired wands will continue to appreciate in the same way due to the rising cost of Quartz Crystal material.

One of Marcel Vogel's early experimental
6-faceted crystal wand cuts. 

What is the significance of the number of facets and how do I select the right one?

In his experimentation with greater numbers of facets, Marcel Vogel found that an increase in the number of facets increased the frequency of the spinning energy vortex within the crystal. According to the information that Dan Willis offers on, Marcel told him that he believed that the 8-facet crystal wand would be his “workhorse” and that the different number of facets were related to the various energy bodies: 4 = physical body, 6 = emotional body, 8 = mental body. To our knowledge, there is no actual data that supports the different numbers of facets to be associated with the different energy bodies.


The six-faceted shape, or hexagon, is found in the cellular structure of all of nature making this the “natural” form for a crystal to be cut. All natural quartz is 6-faceted. When cutting each crystal into a 6-faceted wand shape, a lapidary will follow the hexagonal core as well as the c-axis.


The four-sided and six-sided crystals move the energy more slowly than the higher number of faceted wands. The more facets cut in a crystal wand allow the energy to flow more freely as the crystal shape becomes more round with the increase in facets. If you think of the energy as a spiraling motion within the crystal, it makes sense that more facets would allow the spiral to move more swiftly within the crystal.


Searching the internet, you’ll find many different opinions on crystal cuts, facets and shapes. But we always recommend getting out of your head and moving into your heart and tapping into your intuition when selecting a crystal. The crystal will call out to you - follow your intuition and try not to question it. You can communicate with crystals from afar. If you use a pendulum, body pendulum, muscle testing or other tools, bring them into service to assist in your selection process.

If ever in doubt, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to be of help to you in making a selection. We love communicating with each crystal to find the perfect one for you.


Does size matter?

The short answer is no. Again, this is an intuitive and heart connection. The quartz does the work, regardless of how much quartz is contained in any particular wand. We have seen very tiny wands do amazing healing work. You may select one that is comfortable in your hand size, suitable for travel or backpacking or substantial for placing on an altar to gaze into. You can’t go wrong with any wand that you feel a connection.


Do I need more than one crystal?

We recommend, especially if you are an energy practitioner, that you have several “tools” in your toolbox. There are several reasons why:

1. You may not be able to clear all the residual energy from the crystal before working on your next client. This is very important to do!
2. Children and the very ill may need a crystal that delivers more gentle energy. This may call for a crystal with fewer facets such as a 4- or 6-faceted wand. Or a stone such as Rose Quartz. Always dowse or use your intuitive skills to determine if crystal work is called for in these cases.
3. For maximum results, you may want to use Citrine, Smoky or other quartz based on your client’s intentions.
4. It may be beneficial to have your client holding a cleared crystal while you are working with another crystal.
5. Holding crystals in each hand draws in masculine and feminine energy at the same time which can be balancing and healing. It’s worth experimenting with various cuts and materials.


Citrine Quartz Crystal Wand with wisps of Smoky Quartz veils

What are natural growth inclusions?

Inclusions occur during the growth process of all crystals. The majority of quartz crystals have some signs of their growth, even when the crystal may appear totally clear.

Most mined crystals are densely included making it difficult for energy to flow through them. These do not make the best healing tools but they still work to some effect because they are quartz crystals.


The best material for healing tools is clear crystal. But they do NOT need to be 100% clear to be effective. Some of the common inclusions in quartz are listed below. They are natural to the crystal and do not affect the flow of energy and some actually add a beautiful and unique quality to the crystal.

NOTE: 100% Clear Quartz is becoming harder and harder to find and expensive to procure. These crystals may command a premium price as a result.


We typically don't carry heavily included quartz crystals. The majority of our crystals are 95-100% clear. For a crystal with an inclusion such as Iron, Chlorite, Fluorite, Titanium Oxide or other mineral or metal, we will always list it separately.


None of the following inclusions will affect the flow of energy through the crystal as they are a natural part of the crystal.

Common Natural Growth Inclusions

Veils are simply trapped air or water molecules that created a "veil" like appearance within the inner landscape of the crystal. Veils often appear with floating crystals that resemble a galaxy within the crystal.


Blue Needles or Blue Rays are voids in the crystal lattice structure where gas was trapped during the growth process, creating a captivating effect of blue needles or blue rays that can only be seen with a hot light or other bright light.


Phantoms are phenomena of nature. In "geological speak", the first Quartz Crystal matrix stopped growing due to lack of a source, or SiO2, solution. During this rest time, cave dust settled upon the original crystalline structure.

When the source solution was reintroduced into the cave, rather than a new, separate crystal forming, the source solution reformed over the original crystal. Entrapping the cave dust or dirt gives the crystal a ghostly look, thus the name “phantom”.


Floating Crystals are Clear Quartz that has chipped off sometime during the growth of the crystal and appear to be floating within the inner landscape of the crystal.