Brazilian Quartz Crystal Sculpture "Swimming the Reef" by Lawrence Stoller

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"Swimming The Reef"
Crystal Sculpture by Lawrence Stoller

"Within the stone is an impeccably preserved artifact of creation, documenting the evolution of our planet, frozen in time. Or is it frozen time itself? Created millions of years ago and virtually unchanged, abstract combinations of crystallized mineral formations conspired to congeal into masterpieces of texture and light."
~Lawrence Stoller

This stunning, one-of-a-kind, exceedingly large Quartz Crystal sculpture of Brazilian Quartz holds within it floating needles of black tourmaline and chlorite and sits upon a custom bronze lighted base. The interior is illuminated providing a view into the magical world held within.

Created by world-renowned lapidary artist Lawrence Stoller who not only reveals the beauty and energetic power of each of his artworks, he also carves wax molds to create each unique base to fit each crystal sculpture. Learn more about Lawrence Stoller and his unique artistic vision.  

As Lawrence writes:
"Many of the crystals lying on my desk, a table, or shelves are greatly enhanced when mounted on a complementary base. In my early days as a crystal cutter, I had no interest in doing bases, though whenever I put a crystal to light, the full majesty of its interior ignited. It may have something to do with the polarity of the two media: minerals are among the densest matter on earth, and visible light among the “lightest” waveforms in the universe.

When light enters the dense but transparent gemstone, substance and illumination collide, oscillate, and integrate all at once. By beaming a halogen light into the crystal, it appears bigger, more articulated, more alive. Directing light into a crystal or gem is comparable to when we humans feel joy. Looking into the illuminated crystal is like getting to know who someone really is, as opposed to having only a first impression. The light reveals who lives inside."


Total Height: 16"

Quartz Crystal Sculpture:
Weight 17 lbs.
Circumference 18""
Height 10.5"
Width 6"
Depth 7"

Custom Lighted Bronze Base:
Circumference 18"
Height 7 - 5.75"

This is a substantial, museum quality sculpture. Masterfully hand sculpted in the U.S.A. Artist authentication included.

Stoller Authentication - Swimming


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